31 days of poetry for 31 years 👩💕

August has always been one of my favorite months. Why? Because it’s my BIRTHDAY month.

But this year, I just wasn’t that excited about turning another year older. I made sort of a big deal about turning 30 (went to Europe for two months on a solo adventure), so when 31 started looming at the beginning of this summer, it just felt sort of…anticlimactic. Especially after a year that’s felt more challenging than usual.

So, I decided to do something special: 31 days of poetry for 31 years.

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Making room for growth

Lately, I’ve felt God speak to me through the idea of soil.

It’s sort of funny, because I don’t garden. In fact, I’ve never grown a plant, vegetable, fruit, or flower in my life. I grew up on asphalt, mowed grass, and pool water. Far from any farm or vegetable patch (Though I’ve always loved the phrase “vegetable patch,” because it sounds sort of inviting and yummy).

Nonetheless, I believe there is much to learn from nature, and the substances and cycles of nature – even if we’re not well acquainted with them in our daily lives. Jesus used a lot of farming analogies to explain faith and life, and I think we should try to make an effort to understand them. So, soil.

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(Re)writing your story

I believe we’re all wired to be storytellers. You may not be great at remembering details. You may not have that cadence and timing that makes an otherwise pretty ordinary event extra dramatic, or funny, or suspenseful. Regardless of all of that, you do tell stories – even if they are only the stories you tell yourself.

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