Cucumber salad with yogurt, mint & preserved lemon

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Summer vacation, 2015: lounging under a palm tree in Hawaii, sipping coconut-y cocktails. Summer vacation, 2016: sweating it out in Tangier, Morocco, navigating alleyways and battling salesmen in the souk. Don’t get me wrong- I love Morocco, and especially in the summer, when locals are out late, streets are packed with fresh fruit carts and there’s never a dull moment. Never.

But it is HOT in Africa in the summertime. The sun seems to be particularly strong and bright in this ancient North African city, hills are especially steep, and cultural standards had me wear pants-and-a-cardigan in shorts-and-a-tanktop kind of weather. When I returned home from my morning treks into the city, perusing rugs and visiting coffee shops, I wanted a cool shower and a long nap. But first, salad. Continue reading “Cucumber salad with yogurt, mint & preserved lemon”