Body: Eat Clean

Your body is a temple (really). Of course, staying physically active is key to your health (I’m a total jogging/yoga/pilates junkie), but oftentimes, where our health really starts is with what’s on the plate in front of us.

I love to eat seasonally and locally, so many of my recipes focus on whatever produce is looking good at the local farmers’ market: gemlike heirloom tomatoes and shining purple eggplants in the summer and sweet butternut squash in the winter.

Yes, I do treat myself to a donut or pastry once in a while, but in general I feel better when I feed my body well on real food that is free of gluten, refined sugar, and dairy.

Most of my recipes should take less than 30 minutes to prepare, and many require 5 ingredients or less. ALL recipes on Flourish are gluten-free and refined sugar free. Many of the recipes are paleo/vegan adaptable as well, so if you’re a hardcore cross-fitter or a hippie, I’ve got something for you 🙂


Here are my 10 most recent recipes: