3 things I learned in Morocco about being a kinder person


Last year around this time, I was wrapping up three years in a country in the northwestern tip of Africa, known for a few different things, depending on who you talk to; for some, beautiful beaches; for others, world-renowned cuisine; for others, gorgeous home decor; and for others, questionable safety. When it came down to it, I went to Morocco for one reason: I was overwhelmed by the sense that not to go would be to reject some crucial part of my life purpose.

I didn’t know it last year at this time, but it would be my final few months living in a country that changed me and taught me more than I could ever could have anticipated going into it in September 2012. When I boarded the plane Los Angeles- Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf- Marrakech, I knew it would be an awesome adventure and an incredible challenge, but I could not know exactly how either would unravel. Almost four years later, I can look back and name some of the things I learned there, the larger pieces that I took away with me. Continue reading “3 things I learned in Morocco about being a kinder person”

Paleo chocolate pudding with coconut whipped cream

This is one of those desserts that seems just too good to be true. How could a banana, an avocado, and cocoa powder give birth to something so chocolatey and decadent? Topped with coconut whipped cream (dairy-free) and eaten by the spoonful, this pudding will satisfy any post-dinner sugar-craving you have, without actually eating any sugar. Continue reading “Paleo chocolate pudding with coconut whipped cream”

The created, the Creator, and creativity


Over the past few years, I’ve had times where I felt stuck. I was stuck in cold, damp February but ready for summer. Or I was stuck in my apartment with the flu, but ready to go on a weekend trip with friends. Or I was stuck in menial tasks instead of work I felt really passionate about. So I looked around and saw that I was living in an exotic, inspiring, artistically charged place (Morocco) and I had no excuse to feel bored. So I learned to respond to those emotions with one thing: creation. Continue reading “The created, the Creator, and creativity”