welcome to flourish

I started Flourish in 2016 because I want to share what I’m learning as a twenty-something woman in sunny Southern California, learning to navigate life, pursue a future with passion and purpose, and make the most incredible homemade hummus you’ve ever had.

My desire is to flourish in every phase of this messy, unpredictable, and incredible thing called life.

Flourish bio

I never want to function in “survival mode”– and you shouldn’t either. You should be flourishing. Here’s a breakdown of how we can flourish in our bodies, souls, and spirits:

+ Body: Eat clean and make (most) of your own food. My recipes are for easy weekday eats that are gluten-free and refined sugar-free, and often free of meat and dairy as well.

Soul: Do what makes you come alive. We’re all designed with unique passions, and we also all have universal needs. As I see them, these needs include: worthiness, belonging, identity, personal growth, passion, and living for a greater purpose. I give practical tools on how to fulfill those universal needs, through the passions that make you, you.

Spirit: God breathes life into us.* That’s our spirit. Your soul might include your mind, your will, and your emotions, but your spirit will thrive when you expose yourself to truth. As a follower of Jesus, I share some thoughts on what I’m learning along the Way.

*Genesis 2:7