31 days of poetry for 31 years ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿ’•

August has always been one of my favorite months. Why? Because it’s my BIRTHDAY month.

But this year, I just wasn’t that excited about turning another year older. I made sort of a big deal about turning 30 (went to Europe for two months on a solo adventure), so when 31 started looming at the beginning of this summer, it just felt sort of…anticlimactic. Especially after a year that’s felt more challenging than usual.

So, I decided to do something special: 31 days of poetry for 31 years.

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A new perspective on pain


The most basic of human instincts is to avoid pain.

When we feel cold, we put on a jacket. When we feel hungry, we eat. When weโ€™re abused, we run, or fight back to stop it. Weโ€™re built to avoid falling down, wired to not step out in front of a moving vehicle, and taught to pursue survival, comfort, and safety.

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