Mind: get inspired

The bible says that we are not to copy the behavior and customs of the world, but to be transformed by the renewal of our minds.* If you’re someone that looks around and can identify some very unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors in your culture, even in the midst of great beauty, creativity, and joy, you probably get what this verse means.

It takes intentionality to renew our minds with truth, healthy attitudes, and positive thought patterns, especially in the midst of busyness and distraction.

My goal is for you (and me!) to develop helpful, productive habits and perspectives that help us to flourish in the way we pursue our passions, embrace the process of personal growth, and build a life that is adventurous, thoughtful, and meaningful.

You’ll know you’re doing what’s good for your mind when you feel greater joy and purpose, and experience personal growth.


Here are my 10 most recent posts with practical tools on living with purpose & passion:

*Romans 12:2