Savory sweet potato + chicken bowl with yogurt & toasted walnuts

chicken bowl 1.jpg

Being a child of the 90’s, I grew up knowing yogurt only as syrupy-pink and sickly-sweet, poured out of a plastic Yoplait cup, or worse – squeezed out of a packet (remember “GoGurt”?) I was never a fan of the stuff, preferring a bowl of crunchy kix soaked in milk for breakfast or a stack of crumbly oreos for a snack.

And then, somewhere around my freshman year in college, Chobani greek yogurt was introduced to the American market. Creamy, tangy, and satisfying, this was a distant cousin to the snack I had known as a kid. All of a sudden, yogurt became my perfect food. It’s high in protein, versatile, and pairs with all my favorite foods: jam, granola, nuts, nut butter. Heck, I think it works with chocolate.

But yogurt has a different, more savory application as well. Continue reading “Savory sweet potato + chicken bowl with yogurt & toasted walnuts”

White bean + chicken salad with artichoke, parm, & cucumber


If you haven’t heard, California still thinks it’s summer.

It’s been 85 + degrees here, hot, dry, and just perfect for the beach- not the pumpkin patch. While desperately longing to wrap myself in cozy scarves and whip up hot chocolate, I’m fanning my neck and rehydrating with iced tea.

Needless to say, we’re still in salad season here. I’m craving light and satisfying lunches: salads with a protein + veggies + greens. Continue reading “White bean + chicken salad with artichoke, parm, & cucumber”

Black bean + quinoa bowl with avocado, hummus, & veggies

black bean + quinoa bowl

This bowl was born out of a desire to eat all of my favorite foods at one time, and masquerade it as a grains + greens bowl. That means I get to eat avocado, hummus, and tortilla chips, and feel good about it. It’s a salad. It’s a grain bowl packed with vegetables. It’s vegan and gluten-free. And it’s also salty, crunchy, creamy, and perfect for lunch. Continue reading “Black bean + quinoa bowl with avocado, hummus, & veggies”

Lentil salad with artichoke, HB egg & mustard vinaigrette


Some flavor combos are unexpected and innovative, sort of like pairing your Nikes with your skinny jeans (still not sure where I stand on this). And others are classy and familiar, like pairing your flats with your skinny jeans. This is a salad in the flats + skinny jeans camp.

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Spicy spinach salad with feta, jalapeno & black beans


Cayenne, cumin and spicy-sweet- this salad has got a kick. I made this for lunch one day when I got too lazy to make a salad dressing, and decided to just shake what I had right onto the spinach. I added the juice from a lime (or lemon will work), drizzled on some olive oil- and the spicy salad was born. Who says your spice selection is reserved for hot meals and dinnertime? Continue reading “Spicy spinach salad with feta, jalapeno & black beans”

Cucumber salad with yogurt, mint & preserved lemon

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Summer vacation, 2015: lounging under a palm tree in Hawaii, sipping coconut-y cocktails. Summer vacation, 2016: sweating it out in Tangier, Morocco, navigating alleyways and battling salesmen in the souk. Don’t get me wrong- I love Morocco, and especially in the summer, when locals are out late, streets are packed with fresh fruit carts and there’s never a dull moment. Never.

But it is HOT in Africa in the summertime. The sun seems to be particularly strong and bright in this ancient North African city, hills are especially steep, and cultural standards had me wear pants-and-a-cardigan in shorts-and-a-tanktop kind of weather. When I returned home from my morning treks into the city, perusing rugs and visiting coffee shops, I wanted a cool shower and a long nap. But first, salad. Continue reading “Cucumber salad with yogurt, mint & preserved lemon”