Lentil salad with artichoke, HB egg & mustard vinaigrette


Some flavor combos are unexpected and innovative, sort of like pairing your Nikes with your skinny jeans (still not sure where I stand on this). And others are classy and familiar, like pairing your flats with your skinny jeans. This is a salad in the flats + skinny jeans camp.

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Spicy spinach salad with feta, jalapeno & black beans


Cayenne, cumin and spicy-sweet- this salad has got a kick. I made this for lunch one day when I got too lazy to make a salad dressing, and decided to just shake what I had right onto the spinach. I added the juice from a lime (or lemon will work), drizzled on some olive oil- and the spicy salad was born. Who says your spice selection is reserved for hot meals and dinnertime? Continue reading “Spicy spinach salad with feta, jalapeno & black beans”

Grilled nectarines with miso-coconut sugar glaze


Since fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd, I’m celebrating the last days of summer by a) going for spontaneous morning swims (post-jog, fully clothed this morning), b) buying up all the summer fruit I can get my hands on (figs, nectarines, apricots) and c) lighting up my outdoor grill whenever I get a chance. Continue reading “Grilled nectarines with miso-coconut sugar glaze”

Cucumber salad with yogurt, mint & preserved lemon

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Summer vacation, 2015: lounging under a palm tree in Hawaii, sipping coconut-y cocktails. Summer vacation, 2016: sweating it out in Tangier, Morocco, navigating alleyways and battling salesmen in the souk. Don’t get me wrong- I love Morocco, and especially in the summer, when locals are out late, streets are packed with fresh fruit carts and there’s never a dull moment. Never.

But it is HOT in Africa in the summertime. The sun seems to be particularly strong and bright in this ancient North African city, hills are especially steep, and cultural standards had me wear pants-and-a-cardigan in shorts-and-a-tanktop kind of weather. When I returned home from my morning treks into the city, perusing rugs and visiting coffee shops, I wanted a cool shower and a long nap. But first, salad. Continue reading “Cucumber salad with yogurt, mint & preserved lemon”

Special sauce + veggies on the grill (vegan)

Confession: I’ve baked, fried, roasted, steamed, simmered, and slow-cooked, but until this past weekend, I had never GRILLED. Ironic, because I love any and all foods tossed on the grill, char marks and all. But something about the thick metalwork, smell of gas, fire and sooty clean-up intimidated me until I decided that summer is too short not to enjoy sweet summer squash on the grill- at home. So I faced my fears.


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Apricot-banana breakfast smoothie with almond butter

Summer is officially here, along with fresh corn, tomatoes, summer squash, berries and- my favorite- stone fruit. Peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, pluots and everything in between are mounting up in farmer’s markets, and if the vendors are smart, they sample them out. Unable to resist, I’ve been buying them all.


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Rice & greens bowl with summer veggies, feta & toasted pine nuts

Rice & greens bowl with summer veggies, feta & toasted pinenuts

I have some serious advice for all of those who are lucky enough to go to Trader Joe’s on a weekly (or daily) basis. I love Trader Joe’s. I love the weird fusion products and sampling station with tiny cups of coffee, and how the employees always ask about your weekend plans. I love how I’m surprised at how cheap it is, and I love their Mesquite Smoked Almonds.

But if you think you don’t like vegetables, maybe it’s because you’re buying them at Trader Joe’s. You’ve got to go to a farmer’s market, and spend an extra few bucks to get the good stuff. It will make a vegetable convert of you the first time you taste a sweet, perfectly tender tomato or crisp cucumber.
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Paleo chocolate pudding with coconut whipped cream

This is one of those desserts that seems just too good to be true. How could a banana, an avocado, and cocoa powder give birth to something so chocolatey and decadent? Topped with coconut whipped cream (dairy-free) and eaten by the spoonful, this pudding will satisfy any post-dinner sugar-craving you have, without actually eating any sugar. Continue reading “Paleo chocolate pudding with coconut whipped cream”

Hemp and honey latte


What is it about the allure of coffee shops, and their ability to make people like me spend most of my food budget on espresso and almond milk? I don’t think twice about spending four dollars on an iced mocha, but I refuse to spend ten dollars on dinner.

I see a cafe and I think, there must be some reason I need to go in- caffeine…wifi…an escape from an errand I don’t want to run.  My habit could also have something to do with paying for real estate at the shop- I buy a drink in exchange for a few hours of workspace outside of the office.

Anyway, it’s getting out of control, so I need to figure out a way to make coffee drinks so good at home that I’m not tempted by the smiling white and green mermaid. Continue reading “Hemp and honey latte”

Roast chicken salad with avocado and lemony miso dressing


Anyone who ever hated on salad obviously did not know its true purpose: an excuse to eat crunchy, salty, fatty foods while pretending to be healthy. As long as you layer cheese, nuts and meat with greens, you’ve got a salad. And that’s why I make a salad almost every day for lunch. So expect a lot of it on this blog.

This particular salad is an excuse to eat bits of roast chicken with avocado and roasted almonds, all smothered in miso and lemon juice. It’s crunchy, salty, tangy, a little creamy and very satisfying. Continue reading “Roast chicken salad with avocado and lemony miso dressing”