5 things I am [unexpectedly] grateful for today


1 . Hard things. I am still trying to claim this piece fully, but I am grateful for the hard things. When I want to see my deepest desires and goals fulfilled and delivered to me now, Amazon prime, two-day shipping-style, God is preparing me to receive those things with grace and patience. Meaning: He allows me to go through a sometimes-challenging and character-building process before I receive what I want. Thank you, God.

2. My bosses. Three years ago, I decided I wanted to be a freelance copywriter, and fully believed I could be thriving in this position within half a year (because an online course told me so). Three years later, I am grateful for the in-office jobs I have held since my very ambitious launch in 2015. With a bit more experience and perspective under my belt, I can see that I was not at all ready to write marketing materials with zero experience and training. Thank you, bosses.

3. Timing. Timelines are excellent for keeping us on track, focused, and ambitious. But sometimes, we must let them go. Or, stretch them. Or, clip them short. When we apply timelines to our personal lives – or even professional lives – they can sometimes hinder us from experiencing blessings that just don’t fit on the itinerary. Again, timelines are great for focus; not so great for building coping mechanisms or a sense of false security in a future of your own making. If you think you need to do so, surrender your timelines, and trust that what you need will come to you on the right day, in the right month, in the right year of your life. Thank you, time.

4. Structure. After living overseas for a few years, I have often found myself feeling averse to structure on returning to the U.S. I adapted successfully to a country (Morocco) that doesn’t quite adhere to schedules, rules, or regulations the way we do in America. The result was that I began to feel that strict schedules, formulas, or strategies placed a great strain on my personality and my happiness. I have since discovered that the constraints of structure – in a 9 to 5 job, for example – can actually bring a greater degree of contentment and freedom. Thank you, rules.

5. Surprises. 2018 has brought a great many surprises for me. After a challenging season in the spring, I decided to leave my job for two months to travel around Europe solo. True, I made this choice. But sometimes, I even surprise myself. Around the same time, I started a relationship that also came quite unexpectedly. Let it be said – I am grateful for the joyful surprises that throw me for a loop in just the right kind of way. Thank you, surprise trip and especially, surprise boyfriend.

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