Hemp and honey latte


What is it about the allure of coffee shops, and their ability to make people like me spend most of my food budget on espresso and almond milk? I don’t think twice about spending four dollars on an iced mocha, but I refuse to spend ten dollars on dinner.

I see a cafe and I think, there must be some reason I need to go in- caffeine…wifi…an escape from an errand I don’t want to run.  My habit could also have something to do with paying for real estate at the shop- I buy a drink in exchange for a few hours of workspace outside of the office.

Anyway, it’s getting out of control, so I need to figure out a way to make coffee drinks so good at home that I’m not tempted by the smiling white and green mermaid.

I’m a fan of most alternative milks, but a lot of them end up tasting sort of the same. Enter hemp milk. It’s super creamy and even sort of malty. And it’s good for you- it’s a source of omega-3s, fatty acids found in foods like salmon, chia and flax.

I blend hot hemp milk with coffee and honey (the Turkish honey from Trader Joe’s is insanely good) until it’s light and foamy, flavor it with a bit of vanilla and sea salt, pour it into a glass mug, and drizzle more honey on top- because more honey never hurt anybody.

It’s not technically a latte (it doesn’t contain espresso), but this blender-revelation has probably saved me about twenty bucks a week. And honestly, my DIY lattes are better than what I buy (sorry Starbucks).


The hemp and honey latte is especially satisfying and has the thickest, most spoonable foam you’ve ever seen on a coffee drink. It’s sweet, earthy and rich enough to be breakfast on its own. You can also try different kinds of milk- some froth more than others (almond, yes; coconut, no), and alternative sweeteners- maple syrup, agave, coconut sugar (or just plain sugar).

Be your own barista and save some cash this week.


  • 1 cup unsweetened hemp milk
  • 1/2 cup-1 cup freshly brewed coffee
  • 2 tablespoons runny honey, plus extra to drizzle
  • pinch of sea salt
  • dash of vanilla extract

How to:

  1. Prepare the coffee (I usually make a pour-over at home). Heat the hemp milk in a small saucepan or microwave until it’s barely frothy (don’t let it overflow!).
  2. Blend coffee and hot hemp milk in a blender. While it’s running, drizzle in honey and add in salt and vanilla. Blend for 10 to 20 seconds, depending on how much froth you’re going for.
  3. Pour into a mug, drizzle extra honey on top and enjoy your four dollar latte for free.





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